Our Story

Thank you for visiting Gippy Organics. We are Travis and Meg, a local family and long time residents of Bass Coast. Our story is fairly simple really, we love food, both eating it and creating it! We love to cook using the freshest quality organic produce, grown the way nature intended, as it not only tastes fantastic but we can feel how good it is for us inside and out.
Having young children has made us extra aware of the importance of healthy eating, and of developing good nutritional values from a young age. Feeding our kids organic fruit and veggies gives us the peace of mind that they are getting nothing but wholesome goodness and the nutrients they need to fuel their growing bodies and minds, without consuming any of the harmful chemicals and pesticides often used in conventional farming.
As parents with busy lives we understand that even the best laid plans for healthy eating can fall by the wayside or become difficult to maintain long term, as sometimes convenience just simply has to take precedence! Between school pick up, shopping for groceries, cooking dinner while assisting with homework and generally trying to maintain some sort of organised chaos within the home, what you are feeding your family suddenly becomes less important than just making sure they are fed!
We created Gippy Organics with busy families in mind, to provide a convenient service that brings top quality Fresh Seasonal Certified Organic Fruit and Veggies right to your doorstep. When you subscribe you to our Newsletter you will also receive weekly recipe ideas for when you are short on time or inspiration.