Organics for You and the Environment

Healthy People

We frequently hear that organic food is better for us, but why is this the case? Well fruits and vegetables are naturally loaded with essential nutrients that are good for your body and mind, however due to commercial demands to increase their yield at a faster rate, conventional farmers use chemical fertilisers and pesticides. These strip the nutrient value from the produce, and when we eat these products, we are eating the chemicals too!

Pesticide exposure has been linked to health problems such as cancer, infertility, asthma and birth defects, with pregnant women, children and the elderly being especially susceptible to the impacts.

Organic produce naturally has higher levels of antioxidants, to give you and your family greater protection from the free radicals and harmful elements in the environment.

Healthy Planet

Organic farming is focused on methods that support the environment and maintain a biodiverse ecosystem. These include the use of ecologically based pest controls, biological fertilisers derived from animal and plant waste, rotation of crops and cover crops to create nutrient rich soil. 

Conventional farming practices on the other hand rely on manufactured chemical fertilisers and pesticides, which come from burning fossil fuels! Not only do they increase the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but almost half will leach into the ground and surface waters, eventually polluting our rivers and oceans!