Where does our produce come from?

Gippy Organics source all of our fresh produce from the Melbourne Market in Epping, where it is supplied by certified organic growers throughout Victoria, and the rest of Australia. Each week we select a variety of contents for your boxes based on what looks good at market. We always try to select the most locally grown produce where we can, however quality is always our top priority, so who we buy from can vary from week to week. Here are some of our regulars, who we can always rely on for premium quality fresh produce!


Busch Organics

Busch Organics is a family run Australian Certified Organic farm on the beautiful fertile soils of the Mitchell River Flats at Hillside, 13km west of Bairnsdale. Their produce includes a variety of seasonal vegetables and lucerne. The founder, Eiler Busch, was a Danish immigrant who arrived in Australia in 1913 with 11 gold sovereigns, and began the family farm in 1921.  

He established his farm, home and family there and it continues today with descendants of Eiler, his son Lex, his grandson, Chris and his great-grandchildren Kane and Matthew. 

Eiler considered the health of the soil as the most important criteria of success and that philosophy has continued. Today Busch Organics encompasses over 500 acres of certified organic and conventional farmland.  They supply quality vegetables throughout Australia along with export to Asian markets. Lucerne as hay or silage is supplied to the beef and dairy industries. 



Peninsula Fresh Organics

Peninsula Fresh Organics are Certified Organic Market Gardeners located in Baxter, Mornington Peninsula. They farm on 40 acres of land and grow approximately 40 different lines of vegetables, including heirloom varieties. Some of our most popular crops include the heirloom carrots, radish, Asian greens, leeks, spinach, lettuce varieties, rainbow chard, broccoli and more.

They also farm 100 acres at Barham on the Murray River which they started in April 2013 - to help supplement their Baxter farm with various lines of produce due to seasonality. Peninsula Fresh Organics grow many of their lines year-round.




Cafresco is a Certified Organic farm, owned and run by Maurie and Maria Cafra. Maurie has been working on the farm since he was 18. It was certified for the first time in 1997. The Cafras' farm approximately 25 vegetables, specialising in asparagus and artichokes. As well as asparagus and artichokes the farm produces a large range of other vegetables, such as: tomatoes, eggplants, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages, fennel, lettuce, beans, corn, onions, pumpkin, capsicum and lemons. They are located on the fertile Koo Ree Rup swamp in Victoria which produces incredibly rich, deep and black soil.



Wombat Forest Organics

Wombat Forest Organics farms are located in Lyonville, the central Victorian Highlands near Daylesford, in Victoria. It is owned and run by George, Anne and their son Adam Bremner, they have been farming certified organically for more than 20 years and Adam is the sixth generation of his family to have farmed the same land. The elevation of their area is 800m above sea level so it is a cool climate growing region ideally suited to root vegetables. They grow: several varieties of potato, carrots, beetroots and parsnips. 



Forest Orchards

Forest Orchards in the Adelaide Hills grow the most delicious, sweet, crisp juicy apples. Indeed, broadly recognised as the best growers of apples on the organic market. The farm is run by Graeme Schultz, his wife Fiona and their sons and was certified over 20 years ago. The family maintains a strong committed to healthy food and sustainability. Graeme has preserved over half his property as untouched forest, he values selling his apples in Australia rather than export (even though there is a strong demand), he does not sell to the big supermarkets and to demonstrate his commitment to sustainability pack his apples for dispatch in reusable plastic crates which we pay a deposit on.